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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m a filmmaker seeking music supervision services for my film. How much do you charge?

    Each film brings its unique set of requirements, which means our music supervision fees vary to best accommodate your specific needs. The cost of our services is influenced by several factors, including the overall production budget, the particular music requirements of your project, the rights holders of the chosen songs, and the desired terms for the license. We tailor our pricing to ensure that you receive the most effective and efficient music supervision service, perfectly suited to your production’s scale and scope.

  • I’m a filmmaker that wants to use a big-name artist’s song in my film, but I'm afraid we don’t have the budget for it. Can you help me?

    At Owl At The Moon Creative, we pride ourselves on being budget-friendly and flexible, working with a wide range of budgets to meet your music supervision needs. While we strive to accommodate your desires, it's important to maintain realistic expectations, especially when it comes to licensing music from big-name artists. If your budget doesn't align with the costs associated with these high-profile songs, we can help you explore alternative solutions. We specialize in finding sound-alike tracks that fit within your budget while still capturing the emotions and atmosphere you wish to convey in your film. Let us assist you in making your musical vision a reality, without compromising on quality or emotional impact.

  • I’m a filmmaker in pre-production for a film that will inevitably need music. At what stage of the production process do I need to bring in a music supervisor?

    The ideal time to involve a music supervisor in your film project can vary depending on the specific music needs of the production. Generally, it's advisable to bring a music supervisor on board in the early stages of post-production, once filming is complete. This timing allows sufficient scope to negotiate and finalize licensing deals, which can sometimes take several months, especially with major publishers. However, there are scenarios where engaging a music supervisor earlier in the production process is not only beneficial but crucial. For example, if your script includes significant musical elements—such as scenes where music is integral to the storyline or characters interact with specific songs—it’s wise to have a music supervisor involved from the script stage or during pre-production. This early involvement ensures that any potential licensing issues are addressed before filming begins, protecting your production from the risk of unusable footage due to denied music licenses.

  • I’m a filmmaker working with a micro-budget production. Do I need to hire a music supervisor, or can I just license songs myself?

    Many filmmakers believe they can manage song licensing on their own, but this process is more complex than it may appear. Without knowledge of the specific terminology required in license requests, there's a significant risk that your request may not be taken seriously, or denied. Moreover, song rights are often fragmented among multiple co-publishers or co-owners. A common oversight is conducting only surface-level research, which can result in incomplete clearances. If every rightsholder is not properly accounted for, you could face serious legal challenges, especially as you move towards distribution. Hiring a specialist in music supervision, like Owl At The Moon Creative, ensures that every aspect of song licensing is handled meticulously, protecting your project from potential legal issues. In the intricate world of music rights, professional supervision isn't just helpful—it's essential.

  • I’m an artist/band/composer/sync agent/music publisher. Can I send you my/our artist’s music?

    At Owl At The Moon Creative, our primary focus is on providing exceptional music supervision services to our production company and filmmaker clients. While we are not a sync agency and do not represent artists or promote music, we understand the value of discovering new and exciting sounds. If you are an artist, band, composer, sync agent, or music publisher interested in submitting your music, please do so through Katie's DISCO page, following the specific requirements listed on our Music Page. It is crucial that your submissions include proper metadata with embedded contact information in the tracks. Katie periodically reviews submissions in DISCO to find suitable tracks for specific productions. Please note that submissions not adhering to our guidelines will be deleted. We appreciate your interest and look forward to possibly including your music in our projects if the opportunity aligns.

  • I’m an artist/band/composer/sync agent/music publisher. What exactly is metadata, and how do I make sure it’s embedded on my music tracks?

    Metadata refers to the information embedded within a music file that provides essential details about the track. This includes the artist’s name, track title, album name, and other relevant data for licensing like copyright owners/publishers, splits, master recording owner, and PRO information. For submissions to Owl At The Moon Creative, it is particularly important that your metadata includes your direct contact information (or who to contact to make a license request) to ensure we can reach the right person if your music fits our project needs. If your tracks are one-stop, please include that in the metadata! To embed metadata into your music tracks, you can use various audio editing software options available both as free and paid versions, like iTunes and DISCO. Ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date before submitting your music. This step is crucial for maintaining professional communication and maximizing your opportunities in music licensing. More information can be found on our Music Page.