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In the whirlwind of post-production, every detail counts—and the right music can make all the difference. At Owl At The Moon Creative, we specialize in seamlessly integrating sound with scene, relieving you of the complexities of music licensing. Experience the relief and confidence that comes with the Owl At The Moon touch—where your vision meets its sound.

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Supervision For Your Needs

Music Curation

Curating selections that resonate with your film's theme and desired emotions that enhance the storytelling.

Collaborating with Artists & Composers

Working closely with composers, artists, and music producers to create original music that uniquely fits your film’s scenes.

Licensing Expertise

Handling all aspects of synchronization licenses, including negotiations and securing the best deals with rights holders, ensuring compliance and clearances.

Post-Production Integration

Advising on sound mixing to refine the final audio presentation, as well as coordinating with sound editors in order to provide cue sheets.

Budget Management

Finding the best music options within a production’s budget, potentially discovering lesser-known tracks that provide both originality and affordability.

Additional Custom Services

More services include overseeing a soundtrack release, score coordinating, and securing a symphony orchestra for score.


A Few Words About Owl At The Moon

Katie Garibaldi is the force behind Owl At The Moon Creative, specializing in music supervision for film and media with a focus on song licensing and score supervision. Her notable projects include music supervision for Paramount Pictures’ Depravity and soundtrack supervision for The King’s Daughter. Katie has facilitated song placements through major publishers like Sony and Universal. An accomplished singer/songwriter with multiple albums and over 150 awards from the international film festival circuit, she brings a unique perspective to the interplay between music and visual storytelling. At Owl At The Moon Creative, Katie not only handles sync licensing and negotiations but also collaborates directly with composers and songwriters to tailor music that enhances a film’s narrative. Her expertise ensures that each project’s music complements its visual elements effectively, always aligning with the filmmaker's vision, budget, and timeline.

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Quality Services

Extensive knowledge and experience in music supervision, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail of song licensing and clearance. Client playlists go above and beyond, including quick reference video clips of music to picture.

Industry Connections

With longstanding relationships with professionals in the music industry, Katie and her team can access a wide array of music options and facilitate collaborations that might otherwise be out of reach.

Flexible Budget Solutions

Owl At The Moon Creative accommodates a range of budget sizes, ensuring that every film benefits from expert music supervision. We tailor our services to match your budget, delivering exceptional sound without compromise.

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