About OATM

Owl At The Moon understands the magic of syncing music to picture. We are devoted to overseeing the music landscape of a visual project, delivering a client’s desired emotions through sound – always on time, in budget, and with transparent terms.

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About Katie Garibaldi

Owl At The Moon is the company of Katie Garibaldi.

Her international success with her acclaimed music videos in the film festival circuit and her passion for music and creative expression has resulted in many successful collaborations driven by her understanding of how music can play a vital role in all forms of storytelling. Having written and directed her own films, Katie is brilliantly positioned to understand the language of film and music, and skillfully bridges the gap of communication between the two mediums.

As a music supervisor, Katie has experience matching filmmakers with the right composers and songs for their production, handles all aspects of sync licensing, and advises in making sure every production gets the music it needs.

Some composers Katie has directly worked with while music supervising on custom film scoring projects are Joseph Metcalfe (The King's Daughter), Benny Rietveld (Santana), Howard Howes (Paul McCartney), Rafael Gayol (Leonard Cohen), and more.


We've proudly collaborated with music library and production company Sum Of All Music