Award-Winning Work


Me Little Me (feature film)
Music Supervision
Written & Directed by Elizabeth Ayiku

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The King's Daughter
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music Supervision
Score by Joseph Metcalfe, John Coda, Grant Kirkhope


This and That (short film)
Music Supervision
Written & Directed by Katie Garibaldi


You don't know how many times I saw the film and every time, I cried. Really, you did a great job. You're amazing. Thank you so much for helping me do this.


Aya Yusuf

I cannot get over how quick and painless this was. We are so appreciative!! I am in awe of how quickly you put this together. I don't know how you managed to take my inarticulate vocabulary and understand the "vibe" I was trying to communicate, but you definitely got it. This is really fantastic work and adds a whole new layer to the film in so many ways. I love it! I feel you really understand this landscape and I trust your judgement. Honestly. I'm so happy with this!!! THANK YOU!!!


Melanie Thompson

Katie Garibaldi, the music supervisor who released this soundtrack for us, did an incredible job. And if anybody gets to work with her, it will improve you as a musician.


Joseph Metcalfe
Film Composer